Processed Fruits for Yogurt

Processed Fruit for the Yogurt Industry – Milk-prep

  • Milk-prep products are the “icing on the cake” of milk products.
    Anvey Zion custom-makes the product according to the customer’s requests and the requirements of their finished product.
  • The dairy industry necessitates high-quality fruit additions for the creation of exquisite yogurt.
  • The vast experience and advanced technological capabilities of Anvey Zion enable us to produce a line of processed fruit products, of the highest quality according to the strictest standards.
  • Milk-prep offers an unlimited variety of Tailor Made products, unique both in flavors and textures and adapted to the specific requirements and necessities of the dairy, yogurt, cream, cheese and delicatessen industries.


  • Prep Onefruit – strawberry, peach, cherry, pineapple, raspberry, and more.
  • Mixed Prep – mango passion fruit, berries, lychee strawberry, tropical fruits, and more.
  • Dessert Prep – Tiramisu, Belgian Waffle, Cinnamon Pastries, Cheesecake, Poppy-seed Cake, and more.
  • Syrup Prep – Dulce de leche, mocha, caramel, vanilla, and more.
  • Health Prep – dietary fiber and fruit enriched supplements with beneficial health values such as black plums, cranberries, granola, and more.

* Each product in this series is also available in a diet-oriented version.

* The product can be supplied in buckets and tanks.

Processed Fruits for Yogurt


private label

IL approval (Israeli Diabetes Association)

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