Processed Fruits for Ice Cream

Processed Fruits for the ice cream industry – Ice Prep

What makes ice cream outstandingly delicious? Whatever you add to it

  • High-end technology along with the singular expertise of our team at Anvey Zion come together to produce a large variety of seasonal additives and toppings for the unique needs of every ice cream maker.
  • We pride ourselves on the ability to create custom-made ice-prep products based on the customer’s specifications and requirements and in accordance with the necessities of the finished product.
  • Full of natural, delightful flavors and a gorgeous texture, our exquisite ice-prep products are the perfect addition to a wide selection of desserts such as crème bavaroise and mousses.

Within this product line are:

  • Processed ice-prep containing pieces of fruit, to be used as raw material for ice cream in every specifically required application.
  • Ice-prep topping and ripple every addition has a luscious, smooth texture so that there are no coarse pieces or inconsistent bits. Our fixings are intended for coating or mixing into ice cream and are applied as easily as chocolate and maple syrup.

Available flavors:

  • strawberry, peach, pineapple, berries, blueberries, mango, passion fruit, chocolate, maple as well as any other flavor requested by our clientele.

• All ice-prep products are also available in a diet-oriented version.

Processed Fruits for Ice Cream


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IL approval (Israeli Diabetes Association)

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