Who We Are

In 1973, the Zeltzer family purchased the Anvey Zion factory, which was then located in Bat Yam and specialized in the production of grape juice. The family patriarch, Shimon Zeltzer, promptly decided to take the factory in a new direction. His idea was to specialize in production and marketing of fruit processing for the food industry. The innovative plan, combined with strict adherence to uncompromising quality, through the use of advanced technologies, soon proved his expertise and led to triumph. With the success came the need to move to a new, bigger, and more modern building equipped with cutting-edge technology. After careful planning, it was decided to move the factory to Ashkelon, where it is still located today. Over the years, Anvey Zion continued to grow and develop new and innovative products and became the leading company in Israel in the field of fruit products and raw materials for baking. Even on a global scale, Anvey Zion ranks among the leading companies in the field of processed fruits. Our values have always been striving for innovation and excellence. It is our intent to provide the food industry, professional bakeries, pastry chefs and wholesalers with jams, preserves, fillings, cake creams, glazes and all raw materials for baking, in a wide variety of flavors and of the highest quality.

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Our products include: processed fruits, jams for baking, jams for injection, fruit fillings, candied fruits, processed fruits for yogurt and ice cream, cake creams, toppings and fillings (that are not fruit-based) and a variety of products, which turn any pastry, ice cream or dairy product into a supreme delicacy.

The careful selection of the fruits and raw materials and the use of the state-of-the-art machine and work technologies available, guarantee the maintenance of a high and uniform standard of all products. We pride ourselves on the ability to provide a customized solution to our customer’s requirements. All in a very wide variety of flavors and textures.

Business partners: In 2003, Tnuva acquired 50% of the company’s shares. With the purchase, Tnuva became a strategic partner in Anvey Zion. Tnuva’s trust in us has proven itself over the years, allowing the continued self-management of Anvey Zion as well as remaining an important client.


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The late Shimon Zeltzer – Company Founder

Shimon Zeltzer came to Israel from the Ukraine in 1973, with his family. Shimon Zeltzer was an inherent businessman even under the Communist regime in Ukraine. The money from these business enterprises, helped him fulfill his ambition and establish a business in Israel. Shortly after his arrival, he purchased Anvey Zion and remained CEO until 1994.

Alex Zeltzer - CEO

Alex Zeltzer, an electrical engineer by training, came to Israel from the Ukraine with his parents at the age of 23. When his father purchased Anvey Zion, Alex joined the factory and its management. Today, as CEO of Anvey Zion, he is driven by uncompromising integrity in every decision and action - as success must be based on technological leadership, professional skills and uncompromising service.

Susanna Zeltzer - Vice President of Development and Human Resources

Susanna Zeltzer, is a computer engineer.
She manages the factory alongside Alex, her husband, with a unique and unyielding commitment to the company's customers, ensuring the development of a wide variety of products and adapting them to customers specific needs.

Shai Uzan - Director of Finance

Shai has been in charge of finances at Anvei Zion since 2016. He has a BA in accounting and economics from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. In previous positions, he worked in accounting and finances for Tnuva.

Rami Sannes - COO and Head of Operation Chain

Our Chief Operating Officer has a BA in Behavioral Science as well as in Business. Rami is the head the operation and distribution chain. He is also in charge of the departments of acquisitions, logistics and operation.
In previous positions, Rami was a manager in the Sugat refinery, managed at Clear operations, manned different positions at Nestle Osem and gained vast experience at pharmaceutical companies.

Shanee Witkow - Royimi - Human Resources Manager

Shanee has vast experience in recruitment and human resources positions in various industrial plants. She joined the company as a human resources manager in 2016. Shanee has a bachelor's degree in behavioural sciences, management and economics. Shanee leads the recruitment processes in the company, as well as development and employee welfare.

Olga Tzetelman - Head of Quality Control

Olga joine the Anvei Zion family in 2018 and is head of quality control and food safety in the factory. Olga has a BA in Life Sciences from the Open University. In previous positions she was in charge of quality control at a metal production factory and a plastic production company.
She has vast experience with food quality control as she was deputy manager at Langsam and Tadbik, two companies that manufacture plastic food wrap.

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Omri Cohen - Director of the R&D Lab

Igor Strajnik - Oversees and Manages Prodction

Igor has been an esteemed employee of Anvey Zion for 17 years. He is an electronics and technology expert, and oversees digital work including the company’s servers and systems. Throughout his years at Anvey Zion, Igor has worked in several positions, including managing the overall digital system, creating and maintaining the digital acquisition department, and today manages the company’s entire data system.

Noam Lati - Maintenance and Projects Manager

Noam Lati is the Maintenance and Projects Manager at Anvey Zion.
Noam graduated with a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering from the Technion and a master's degree in environmental engineering also from the Technion.
Noam has experience in project management in the pharma industry Perrigo and in the food industry - Topgam. He also has previous experience managing a maintenance department in Vichy (microelectronics) and as a CHT (pharma).

Company Values

Anvey Zion is a company made of people – we believe that our most important asset is human capital, namely, people who are happy, feel thriving and are guided by values. In our eyes, this is the key to success, steady development and growth. We are steadfast in our belief that only satisfied employees can retain satisfied customers.

Caring and making changes – We take careful consideration of our employees’ wellbeing, make every effort in listening and paying close attention to customer needs and study the changing preferences of the end consumer. Attempting to steadily improve and innovate is the blueprint to our company’s creativity and long-term ability to develop innovative products that are crafted to meet the needs of each customer.

Responsibility and Significance – We view our customers as partners and carefully address our responsibility to them in terms of both product and service. One of our core values at Anvey Zion is continuing to provide bakers and chefs with new and high-quality raw material, to their specifications, so that they can grow and develop.

our vision

From the very first day the factory opened its doors, our vision has been to be the country’s leaders in fruit preparation technologies, both in excellence and innovation.

Excellence is not a term we use lightly. In fact, it is the essence of providing solutions to the food industry, professional bakeries, pastry chefs and wholesalers. More than just helping them make every pastry and cake into a delicacy, we want food that is good for you, something you feel happy to eat.

Innovation is also a standard we constantly pursue, which means adopting the best high-end technology while taking every measure available to meticulously retain the wonderful natural flavor of the fruits and making top-quality products.


Business Goals

At the forefront of Anvey Zion’s business objective is the desire for distinction in reliability and integrity resulting in impeccable customer service. This is what the company sees as its business and profit base, as is managerial effectiveness and overall excellence.
In addition, Anvey Zion aims to expand its markets and develop new markets both in Israel and globally. We pride ourselves on maintaining productive cooperation with international companies in our field. Beyond these values, we strive to broaden and enhance our employees’ professional and technological knowledge.


Anvey Zion currently exports approximately 10% of its products. Its main markets are:

Australia – Anvey Zion primarily markets confitures through the country’s supermarket chains.

US – In this market, a selection of confitures is largely sold and distributed in the retail market. Additionally, Anvey Zion produces and markets processors’ fruit to local American dairies.

CanadaAnvey Zion markets confitures in a variety of flavors as well as different health spreads without added sugar throughout the country.

Our Customers