Company Values
A company of people – we believe that our most important capital is human capital, namely, people who are happy and who are guided by values hold the key to success, steady development and growth. We are confident that only satisfied employees can retain satisfied customers.

Caring and Daring – consideration of employees' needs, listening and attention to customer wants and changing preferences of the end consumer, the daring to act to steadily improve and innovate are the keys to our company's creativity and long-term ability to develop innovative products that are tailored to meet the needs of each customer.

Responsibility and Desire to Give – we view customers as partners and seriously address our responsibility to them in terms of both product and service. One of our core values at Anvei Zion is continuing to provide bakers and chefs with new raw material, to their specifications, that they can use to excel and renew.

Business Goals
At the forefront of Anvei Zion's business goals is the desire for excellence in reliability and customer service, which the company believes is its business and profit base, as is managerial effectiveness and excellence.
In addition, Anvei Zion strives to expand its markets and develop new markets both in Israel and globally wise. It also strives to broaden its employees' technological knowledge while maintaining cooperation with international companies.

Our Vision

 From the day the factory opened its doors, our vision has been to be leaders in Fruit Preparation technologies in Israel in excellence and innovation.
Excellence, which is designed to provide solutions to the food industry, professional bakeries, pastry chefs and wholesalers that will help them make every pastry and cake into a delicacy.
Innovation means adopting innovative technology while meticulously retaining the wonderful flavor of the fruits and making a top quality product.