At Anvei Zion, we specialize in tailor made product development, primarily for the bakery and chocolate industries. In order to provide quickly and optimally to the needs of our customers, the company opened one of the most technologically sophisticated development laboratories in the world. The lab serves as a main instrument in the development of flavors and quality products, thus reflecting the company quality and competitive differentiation.

As part of the company commitment to technological leadership, Anvei Zion recently adopted innovative strategies that enabled it to optimize its sophistication in terms of technology as well as research and development.

Anvei Zion set up an aseptic department that adopts one of the most advanced technologies in the world for product manufacturing and packaging. The aseptic department carries out manufacturing and packaging in a highly sterile environment, thereby eliminating the need to add any preservative to the product. Despite this, the product shelf life is long and can be up to one year.

Quality Control
At Anvei Zion, quality is a way of life for us. From its inception, Anvei Zion has paid close attention to the entire issue of quality, which it holds as a core value. The factory has chemistry and microbiology labs. Quality assurance is carried out throughout the manufacturing stages from selection of fruit suppliers to strict quality control when receiving raw material at the factory and its approval. Strict quality control of the end product and assuring product compliance with standards and customer specifications, are constantly being observed at Anvei Zion.

The tests offered in the factory comply with Israeli and international standards. In addition, special tests are carried out at customer requests.

Anvei Zion's QA system is certified and complies with international standards ISO9002 and HACCP.

QA system

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