Anvei Zion currently exports approximately 10% of its products, its main markets being:
Russia – In 2000, the company set up a subsidiary in St. Petersburg in order to promote marketing the company products in that country. Throughout the years, Anvei Zion has established its status and its reputation. Company's export to Russia has steadily increased every year by dozens of percent.

US – in these markets, a variety of confitures is largely sold and distributed in retail shops. 
Canada - here Anvei Zion markets confitures in a variety of flavors
Australia Anvei Zion primarily markets confitures through supermarket chains
Romania Anvei Zion established itself in this country primarily through the bakery market.

In recent years, we have invested significant resources in developing exports, in broadening market penetration in the markets we are already operating in and in penetrating new markets.