In 1974, the Zeltzer Family purchased the Anvei Zion factory, then located near Tel Aviv at the center region of the country, specializing in grape juice manufacturing. Shimon Zeltzer, the energetic head of the family, quickly decided to take the factory in a new direction, specializing in the manufacturing and marketing of processed fruits for the food industry. This new area of expertise, combined with strict and uncompromising adherence to quality as well as the use of cutting-edge technology, quickly proved itself and generated company success. In turn, this success created a need for a new, larger and more modern facility well equipped with advanced technology. A thorough examination led to the decision to relocate to Ashkelon (in the southern part of the country), where the company is situated to this day.

Over the years, Anvei Zion continued to grow and develop new and innovative products, becoming Israel's leading company in the areas of perfected fruit and raw material for baking, while on a global scale the company is positioned as one of the world's leaders in the perfected fruit sector. Already in its inception stages, company owners had always been driven towards innovation and excellence, designing to render the food industry, professional bakeries, pastry chefs and wholesalers top quality confitures, jellies, fillings, cake creams, glazes and all the necessary raw material for baking, in a range of flavors.



Company products include: perfected fruit, baking confitures, injectable confitures, fruit filling, candied fruit, processed fruit for yoghurts and ice cream, creams for cakes, fruit-based additives and fillings as well as a range of products that make any pastry, ice cream or dairy product a perfect treat.

The meticulous selection of fruit and raw material as well as the use of advanced technology guarantees uniformly high standards of all products and an ability to provide an ideal solution to customer requests. Company products come in a wide range of flavors and textures.

Business Partners
In 2003, Tnuva (Israel’s largest food conglomerate) acquired 50% of company shares. With the acquisition, Tnuva became a strategic partner in Anvei Zion. Tnuva's trust in us proved itself over time, and allowed Anvei Zion to manage itself as a key factory client.